About me

 Just another WordPress blog?

This one describes my journey as a location independent photographer, teacher and solopreneur

After joining Nomad Cruise, a big event for location independent workers, I decided to rebuild my blog and to tell my story. It starts in 2013 after I quit my well paid, but boring corporate job in Germany. After this happy event, I studied photography in San Francisco, worked with cheetahs and lions in South Africa, lived with timber wolves in Eastern Europe, have been thrown off a camel in Morocco and was robbed by street kids in Indonesia. Just to mention a few of the adventures that I have experienced in recent years. All this stuff has deepened my love for wildlife photography, our world, and the people who inhabit it.

Most people find wild lions, highly poisonous rattlesnakes or heavily armed enemy soldiers in the Burmese jungle life-threatening. To be honest, I had completely different problems. I struggled with much more profane things. For example, making money online. The people on the Nomad Cruise advised me to build a business around my person. Many of the approximately 250 people on board do just that and are truly successful with this method.

This text is the starting signal. I will build a school for wildlife photographers and a few other things with the goal of generating a fully automated, passive income. And I will share all my knowledge with you.

If you have any questions, email me at wildlifephotographyschool@gmail.com

Written in the Ship Library of the MS Horizon, somewhere between Valletta and Katakolon on April 19, 2018.