Join me as I continue my 5 year journey around the world!

Markus Hermannsdorfer
Markus Hermannsdorfer, a professional travel photographer, digital nomad and solopreneur

My name is Markus Hermannsdorfer, I have been working as a photographer for the hotel and tourism industry since 2013. I studied photography in San Francisco, worked with cheetahs and lions in South Africa, lived with timber wolves in Eastern Europe, have been thrown off a camel in Morocco and was robbed by street kids in Indonesia. Just to mention a few of the adventures that I have experienced in recent years. All this stuff has deepened my love for our world and the people who inhabit it.

On my blog I offer you as much value as possible. It should be more than a normal travel diary. I show you my equipment, how you can travel almost free of charge and much more.

What I’m writing here is certainly not for everyone. It is perfectly normal for me to have breakfast in France in the morning, lunch in Morocco and dinner in Singapore. My camera is always there, of course.

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