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Contemporary Art Of Living

Art, especially contemporary art, must be a spontaneous expression of an immediate experience. Only then is it real and tangible.

Many artists have forgotten this. They repeat things that have already been seen and said. Often to satisfy the algorithm of a social network like Instagram, sometimes because they don’t want to reinvent the wheel and prefer to rely on successfully tested methods.

This hurts the artist. He trains himself to work in always the same way. His brain supports him in this. It forms new cells and connections that are of little use. They transform him from an artist into an ordinary factory worker.

Do not forget to live!

When you live by yourself, your art also becomes alive. In this state it can bring forth your spontaneous experiences and needs. It can tell about your dreams, desires and visions and this is what makes it unique and personal.

When you breathe your own life into art, it becomes attractive to collectors. Nobody buys the three thousandth attempt to paint a picture like Picasso. Only Picasso himself is interesting because he expressed his own feelings in his paintings. Nobody can do that but him, because only he can be Picasso himself.

The change of consciousness

The first step to perfect contemporary art is to take life less seriously. We attach importance to all sorts of things, only to discover shortly thereafter that they have no deeper meaning for us. 

You’re even worse off if you reduce your life to a handful of qualities that are considered desirable by the general public. At worst, you’re doing like the Puritans, who see the devil in everything that’s fun.  

Laughter and genuine joy of life drive away pain and suffering. They open people’s hearts and, fortunately, the wallets of art collectors.

Have fun and make sure your artwork radiates laughter, happiness and harmony. You’ll kill two birds with one stone. If you enjoy art yourself, creating your works will be much easier. You will never feel that painting, photographing, writing or sculpting is work or a chore.

If you manage to transfer your cheerfulness and your open-hearted personality to your works, you will create unique art that everyone would like to have in their living room. For such art you can demand the highest prices.

Art is a game that should be fun

Most adult people no longer know how to play. They have unlearned it or it has been driven out of them by puritanical methods of upbringing.

When you begin to play, do not under any circumstances read a manual! You are not supposed to think or arrange purposefully, you are supposed to play! 

Just put one thing here and another thing there and see what comes out. If you don’t like it, redecorate until you like it. Do the same with pictures. Throw a few blobs of color in the right corner, then a few more in the middle. 

If the resulting work turns out to be a disaster, start laughing and make something new!  

There is nothing more boring in the universe than people who take life seriously. 

On the other hand, how wonderful are people who have fun. They infect everyone else with their good humor and know how to inspire the audience. They are the ones you want to have as guests at your own party.

So let’s agree to learn how to laugh, play and enjoy life. You won’t regret it.

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