3 Essential Things Every Person Needs To Create Their Dream Life
I did not know about the 3 essential things every person needs to create their dream life. In fact, I did not even know that I can create my own dream life. But that really works. And it is easier today than ever before.

3 Essential Things Every Person Needs To Create Their Dream Life

Everyone has dreams. I can still remember my time as an employee. Every damn day I sat in the office, dreaming of travelling the world, experiencing spectacular adventures, staying in the most beautiful luxury hotels or taking a cruise to the Caribbean.

But they were just dreams. I did not know about the 3 essential things every person needs to create their dream life. In fact, I did not even know that I can create my own dream life. But that really works. And it is easier today than ever before.

What you need is a concrete blueprint

The main problem is that while we can imagine a better life in our dreams, we often do not know how to turn these dreams into a real, extraordinary and remarkable life. We do not have a concrete plan for that.

Imagine you want to build a house. Would you just pile bricks on top of each other and hope that something great will happen in the end? Certainly not! Before you or someone else lays the first brick, you have to plan the project. You need a concrete idea of what the house should look like, whether you prefer a garage or a carport and what should happen to the garden.  I am talking about a very precise, concrete and detailed plan. Every single light switch and every window has to be considered in this plan. In addition there is the financing and much more. If you have developed this plan for yourself, you go to an architect who checks whether the plan contains errors. If everything is in order, the architect creates a blueprint from the information you have given him.

If you have to plan a house so perfectly, why should it work differently when planning your dream life? Here, too, you need to know what you really want. Most people already fail at this first point. They can imagine a few concrete wishes, such as a cruise to the Caribbean. But they have no idea of the meaning of their lives and do not know how to improve their lives sustainably.

I felt the same way for a long time. I am no exception. I always thought that most of the things I dreamed of were reserved for the rich, the privileged and the highly talented. This superstition kept me from developing and implementing a concrete plan for my own dream life.

Today I can travel around the world, experience spectacular adventures and often stay in hotels with at least 5 stars. And I was in the Caribbean with a cruise ship. I was helped by these 3 essential things every person needs to create their dream life.

The right mindset

Yeah, that is an overused term. But it does not work without the right mindset. First of all you have to WANT to change your life. If you are happy with going to the office every day and making other people’s dreams come true, then that is the way it is. Just keep going. But if you expect more from your  life, you have to do something about it and be willing to take some risks.

The first step is to discard beliefs that have been implanted in you by other people, politicans, or society. Do you really believe that working for someone else is the only way to make money? Just look at your boss! He does not work for others, but still earns money. Now you can ask yourself what this guy does differently and draw your own conclusions. If you manage that, you have started to change your own mindset.

The next time you dream of a better life, think about whether at least a small part of it can be turned into reality. Do not try to climb Mount Everest right away! Secure small successes on your way to the summit. Every small success will sow the seeds for a bigger one, which you will reach sometime later.

Let us practice this with a concrete example. Let us assume that your dream includes a cruise to the Caribbean. Search Google for offers and look at the prices. For example, if you find a cruise that pleases you and costs $1.500 USD, the next step is to figure out how to raise the money. There are thousands of ways to earn money quickly. The possibilities range from babysitting to freelancing activities to affiliate marketing and trading with stocks and crypto currencies. Choose something that appeals to you. If you like nothing at all, just tell your boss about the cruise and offer him more working hours to get the money. You can also take this opportunity to check whether you will get the days off you need for your holiday.

Sounds logical and not so hard, right? If you nod now or see a mental yes in front of you, you have changed your mindset and are ready for the next step.

The right mentor

Let us stick to the dream with the Caribbean cruise. You know that you have to raise $1.500 USD and you know how to do it. But now, at the latest, your dream meets the tough reality. It is like a huge wall stopping you. You realize that it will not work without hard work. You realize that you have to acquire knowledge that you do not have at the moment. And you also realize that you have to sacrifice your precious after-work time to the dream.

These insights are trying to hold you back. They try to prevent you from climbing over the wall and finally travelling to the Caribbean. Because you do not want spend your free time for learning, building a website or working overtime at the company, you start putting things off. You invent one excuse after another. Sometimes the weather is too bad, another time you just want to see this new, cool series on Netflix. If you are in this trap, you will never see the Caribbean. That is for sure.

That is why changing your mindset is so important. If you have changed your mindset and really want to fulfill the dream, you bite the bullet. You do everything to earn the neccesary money. And a few months later you are on the cruise ship enjoying your dream, which has turned into reality.

It is easy to read, but it is terribly difficult for most people. Me too, I am no exception. What you need now is someone who can show you concretely how to reach your goal and who kicks your ass again and again until you have climbed over the wall.

That is what a good mentor does. He will get you to your destination faster because he knows the necessary tricks and also the pitfalls. He motivates you and helps you to keep going if things do not work as planned. He will also save you a lot of time by pointing out typical beginner mistakes and getting you back on track if you get lost somewhere.

Do not get me wrong at this point. You do not need a mentor to book a trip to the Caribbean. A travel agent can do that for you. Remember that the trip is only a small part of your dream life.

You need a mentor if you want to turn your whole dream life into reality. For example, if you want to become a successful travel photographer like me who experiences spectacular adventures and get paid to travel the world, then you need a good mentor.

Before you look for a mentor, however, you need a concrete plan. Remember the example with the architect. You only go to him when you know what your house should look like. Not before.

Next time you dream of a better life, write down everything that happened in the dream. How you saw yourself? Were you a millionaire? A photographer in Africa who won the Pulitzer Prize? An environmentalist who stops climate change? Or do you just long for a perfect relationship?  Whatever you dream, try to imagine this dream as clearly as possible. And always take notes diligently.

If you have seen a trip to the Caribbean, a new car or a new flat screen TV in your dream, google for prices and possibilities to get these things quickly. Choose the one of that items and try to reach this very small goal, to make this first baby step. If it works, your mindset will change automatically. You see and experience that the dream does not have to remain a dream. From this moment on you are ready to take the next step.

Because the next things you wish for are bigger, the walls and hurdles become higher. Reality becomes harder. And that happens every time. At some point you stand in front of a wall that is so high that it seems impossible for you to overcome it. You start to doubt, you get scared and you start to procrastinate. The cycle starts all over again, you are back at the beginning.

NOW is the right time to look for a mentor. Someone to show you how to get over really high walls and reach your big dream goals.

Find someone who lives the life you would like to live. Contact him and show him your life plan. He will guide you, like a good navigation system, to your destination.

Good mentors always cost money. You will not find the advice a mentor gives you on the Internet. Neither Google nor Youtube will motivate you to keep going. These services are good in the beginning, but when it comes to very important details, you can forget them completely.

Here are a few mentors I can recommend to you if you want to work location independent, become a successful travel photographer or start a profitable travel blog:

Laurence Norah has worked as a travel photographer for the BBC, National Geographic and Fox News. He has built his own, location-independent business on the Internet, knows all the tricks and is often booked as a speaker at major conferences such as TBEX and TravelCon.

Matthew Kepnes, better known as “NomadicMatt” on the Internet, has been blogging about backpacker travel for over 10 years and was number one on the New York Times bestseller list with his book How to Travel the World on $50 a Day“. He can show you how to become a successful blogger and build a 6-digit, location-independent business. Matthew will not only show you how to install WordPress or write better articles. He is also always available to you as a contact person and promotes his students, for example by introducing them to his own Facebook page. That way, your own blog is immediately seen by millions. You can also ask Matthew for an interview at any time. Most bloggers can only dream of having him as an interview partner on their website. If you book Matthew as a mentor, you will get this service as a free bonus.

I have worked with these mentors myself and know that they are really good and understand their craft. However, they are only suitable if your dream has to do with travelling or photography. If you want to trade crypto currencies or sell things on Amazon, you have to find other mentors. I cannot recommend mentors for that kind of stuff because I only recommend things I have tested and proofed for good myself.

The right team

You found a good mentor and changed your mindset? Great! Now all you have to do is find a few like-minded people to support you and give you a boost. Together everything works better.

Planning and building your own dream life is like a sporting competition. Imagine playing in a soccer team. You have a common goal. You want to win the championship. You train together, support each other and exchange tips. You cheer each other on. If you score a goal you get applause and congratulations from the whole team. If someone else scores a goal, you can ask him how he did it.

It works exactly the same when realizing your own dream life. It works better in a team. You always have contact persons who drive and support you when things are not going well.

My team consists of very successful travel photographers, digital nomads, travel hackers, globetrotters, professional sellers, adventurers, millionaires and successful book authors. This tribe is a kind of reflection of my own dream life. Each member has certain skills and knowledge to help me overcome the walls. It often happens that a colleague does not have time to do a job right now. He asks me if I can represent him. Within a very short time I am on a plane to South America and photograph for Hilton, GetYourGuide or National Geographic. Without this team member I might never have got the job.

Of course you have to be valuable to the team. I help other members of the team to get assignments and be successful as a travel photographer. Always think of the soccer team. You can only win the championship together.

Not every person I know helps me overcome hurdles. I know many people who keep running desperately against the wall and who will never climb over it. Such people show me how it doesn’t work. I can learn from their mistakes. Unfortunately, at some point these people become envious. They see you climbing over your walls seemingly effortlessly and suddenly try to pull you down. If you notice that such people become a burden, you have to shake them off. Never surround yourself with negative people who prevent you from building your dream life.

There are motivational quotes that say that you should surround yourself with the right people. And that the people you surround yourself with shape your own personality. There is much truth in these sayings. When I am constantly hanging around with other travel photographers, my subconscious takes over their behavior, their language and their technical terms automatically. After a few weeks, I talk exactly like these people and do the same things as them. It works with any kind of group, whether they are millionaires, soccer players, travel photographwers or Netflix fans.

Unfortunately, it also works with groups that have a negative attitude. If you are always with people who moan and find everything bad, you will moan and find everything bad in no time. This is NOT the team you need.

Where do you find the right team? It can be a course or a school class where you learn a certain skill together. It can be a group on Facebook or WhatsApp. A club, an organization. You can visit trade fairs and make new contacts there. The possibilities are endless.

Go now, find your perfect team and get the trophy. You have all 3 essential things that every person needs to build their dream life.

Markus Hermannsdorfer

Markus Hermannsdorfer is a professional travel photographer, working as a photographer for the hotel and tourism industry since 2013.

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